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Perfection is our passion

With quality toward perfection

It doesn't matter if its a new car or a used one, or even a classic veteran car. It can be a race or an expedition or our magazin but there is always one thing that connects all of these different areas stronger than anything else and this is nothing else but our dedication to create a high quality "off-road lifestyle". We have gained a lot of knowledge in the world of the 4WD in the last 25 years. We have learned in the races what is discipline and determination.

In building exclusive cars and restoring historic models we have gotten expertise, during the expeditions and the races of the Adventure Rally we have made a lots of friends and we have become more with numberless unforgetable memories. By living through these moments we got a specialized knowledge and the strength to move on. We have almost reached all the goals that we wanted. Only but one: the perfection. We make huge efforts every day to get closer to that point.

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