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Land Cruiser 6x6 at Sandlander!

Can we give one more axle? The first and only Toyota Land Cruiser 6x6 arrived to Sandlander and fulfills all the requirements of the expeditional, industrial or military use with its amazing power and size.

The GRJ79 – which is without body – was made to special strategic goals in Australia, where they created a custom-made left-hand drive version.

The monster stands the hardest proofs with three axles, three differential locks and transfer gear lock, so it’s no wonder that became the number one cross country car of the mining industry.

The biggest Toyota ever is moved by a V6 petrol engine and the 272 horsepower actuates at the most 5.4 tons. Its underframe, end and the parts of running gear correspond with the armour version, while the drive train is improved compared with the strenghtened LC-models.

The car is equipped with genuine snorkel, light alloy disk wheels and air conditioner, while the genuine winch is optional. The car is ideal for those, who work among rough circumstances or wish a complete, moving accomodation far from the civilisation.

The special off road vehicle is available on stock from now on. For more info, please contact

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