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Perfection is our passion

One and the half million off track kms

The Sandlander nowdays is an significant factor in the world of off-road driving. We fell in love with 4WD back in 1987.
With a specialized knowledge and experience of offtrack journeyes 10 years ago we have opened a new chapter in the history book of motorized vehicles.

We participated in Dakar races and as a result of our determination we fought ourselves up till the frontline. Our roots reaches back till 1987 when our limitless love started with the 4WD lifestyle.
As a professional team for race cars we have lots of impressive results in the international off road championships, moreover the Sandlander Team was the one that achieved the best Hungarian results in the Dakar both in the category of cars and trucks as well. Also it is worth pointing out that we were the ones who could manage to get the very first Hungarian point in the World Cup and best annual absolute results also. Since then we have collected almost 300 thousand race km and we participated in every different filed of the 4WD World. Nowadays we also organize special expedition tours and the Uniqa Hungarian Adventure Rally Championship (with off road specials and "team spirit" exercises). At the same time we build, restore and sell unique 4WD vehicles according to special needs.

It doesn't matter what is actual challenge that we face but our motto always stays the same:
The quality gives you intensity!

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