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Sandlander opens new premise in Budapest

Pro circumstances, fast and premium attendance: the new premise of Sandlander will be opened on the 5th of June in Budapest, where the classic workflows are supported by the latest machinery.

Taking in account that the majority of our partners are living in the capital, the plurality of our services will be available at 4-6. Vizsla street, XI. Budapest.

The australian style functional car building still remains our flagship project because we believe in the durable cars and in the knowledge we accumulated in the last 30 years.

Hereafter, our base in Hernad functions as a restauration manufacture. The other reason of the capacity expansion is that the term of work is more than two years, meanwhile the faster attendance is necessary to preserve the european position of Sandlander in the section of Land Cruisers.

In our new center will be come off an 800 square meter bodywork repair area and a modern body painter zone, that is to say, the highly qualified workers could repair even the grievously damaged cars.

At the same time, new professionals join in the team of Sandlander.

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