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The Land Cruiser was made for the toughest tests of the world, moreover contains a number of exterior, interior and safety extras. Buying a HZJ76 is almost impossible nowadays, therefore we look for that owner to our recent and only car, who can value it.

The successful model is a lifetime mate, which serves its proprietor with awesome trim level, even at the heaviest circumstances.

The car goes off road with selectable four wheel drive and dual-range transmission, it has strenghten running gear, and the Toyota gave its snorkel and the automatic free-wheeling unit.

The ten-seater white car was designed with chrome-plated units, moreover the backdoor steps and spare wheel carrier serves the practicality.

The glazing is thermal- and crash-proof, its windows work electrically, the temperature is maintained by air conditioner.

The safety is guaranteed by side impact protection, driver and passanger air bags.

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