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World, Life, style

As a child we all had a dream about wandering all around the world. Later on we grew up. First we fought for our desires then against them and finally we stand there without any goals. We don't even realize that the working, gray, daily routine doesn't leave any space anymore at all. The circle is closed. However our life is what we make of it.
Everything depends on Us. Exploring ourselves in the world and this beautiful life with the planet all around us means to cross our own limits. Since there are no limits at all, only people who dont believe in crossing them.

It feels real good. We say it from experience that we got dring our 4WD expeditions in different countries of Mother Earth. That is the feeling that keeps us moving on. The taste of exploration and the better understanding of our existence.

Come with us to see the side of life where words are no longer good enough!

There are some almost unreachable places on this planet, since they are located far away from all the normal paths. The ?almost? for us is a fruitful starting point, cause we do belive in the extreme challanges and our skills as well. There are some places and persons in this world that has something special. Something that slovly extints from the faceless mass of big cities. Something that can?t be found in the luring sparkles of fake?plastic luxury?, and around the usual tourist destinations. A feeling, a little ?mood snatch? a skiped breath, something that can only be approached by the words of poets and the pictures of the painters. The only secret of our unrepeatable, bittersweet but still beautiful existence. One tiny moment that lasts forever. A moment worth living for because it changes everything. One movement that deserves our honest childish admiration. A ?memory crumbe? that will always be recalled with a smile even in the?rocking chair prison? of our implacably approaching old age.

A dune as it baths in the lights of the sunset in the middle of the limitless sand sea.

One partly hiding smile in the eyes of an indigenous. The sounds of the ocean on the shore. The tune of the waves who will be the dutiful sculptures of the rocks even when we will be long gone.

We provide you everything to relize these dreams but the decision is still yours. Do not forget, that you can easily run out of the roads but the adventure is everlasting.

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